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About Me

Hi there ,


My name is Klearchos-Angelos Gkountras (pronounced as Clearhus Angelo Ngoudras)

I am using Gnu/Linux since 2009 on my own manchines . I made this blog to let new people to

take the red pill and not the blue pill cuz privacy matters .

My hobbies ? Yes I like to play chess I dont have a great rating but I like that sport .


Also you can have touch with me .

The ways that I consist are


e-mail  ->  jemadux @ also I accept encrypted mails here’s my public GPG

xmpp  -> same as my email adress . But I prefer with OTR

icq      -> 624509059 . I prefer with OTR .

Diaspora -> jemadux @



Sites that I play chess -> My Favorite Site bcuz it’s made via OpenSource ( client for windows BabasChess or Unix Client eboard)

Chess.Com Rarely



The ways that exist but I dont consist